Grants made by THT - Heritage Camps

CSV Heritage Camps (previously “Cathedral Camps”). 

In 2013 the THT Organising Committee made two grants of £100 each to the CSV Heritage Camps programme. This programme is for young volunteers who, under the supervision of the professional staff, assist with conservation projects at major cathedrals and historic churches in the UK. The THT grants were to assist applicants with limited financial means to be able to participate. 

Heritage Camps are run by Volunteering Matters (previously CSV) which is one of the UK’s leading charities in this field.[LINK INACTIVE PRESENTLY]

One of the young volunteers who received a THT grant took part in the Heritage Camp at Southwark Anglican Cathedral in August 2013. He reported to the Trust in his application 

"It was stressful and difficult getting my mother to agree to let me go on a camp because we cannot afford it and she does not understand why I am spending money to volunteer; but I got her to agree that, if I can raise the money myself, I can go to the camp.

And then in his post-Camp report to the THT:

"My experience at the CSV Heritage camp was incredible. Meeting new people from different cultures around the world, being friends with these people and having to work with them to survive away from home was challenging, insightful and life changing.

I felt very fortunate to be able to attend and be part of the programme. I would like to thank the Templar Heritage Trust and my family for funding me to attend the Southwark Camp. It was an experience of a lifetime for me as a young person, and I would have not been able to attend if it was not for the support given.

I learnt how to do different things like painting; polishing and some maintenance work. At the camp, we pulled down a chandelier to clean, which was very old and beautiful. I learnt team work; not only doing the work set out, but being in the kitchen and sharing the living space was intense and insightful. I went home a more mature, self-reliant and assertive person. My mother started to show more confidence in my ability and responsibilities at home after I returned.

It was a great honour for me to be part of this amazing experience. "



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